Developers break ground on Regal Plaza

Target plans to open new store on South Hill in 2014

SPOKANE, Wash. - Target groundbreaking

South Hill shoppers rejoice. Target Stores closed the deal on 10 acres of land on the South Hill Friday morning and It plans to build a new store by next summer.

Already there is a lot of dirt being removed to get ready for the new shopping center which will be called the 'Regal Plaza.' Passersby can see the heavy equipment moving mounds of dirt at the intersection of Regal and Palouse Highway.

"It's its own little community but having like a clothing store up here too will be really awesome," said local resident and student Rachel Alexander.

Target officially purchased 10.63 acres with plans to build a 135,000 square foot store.

 "I'm excited to not have to drive out to the Valley and have the convenience of it being here," said local mother Gwen Meldrum.

Developer David Black has been working on the deal for the last decade. The last several years spent ironing out demands from neighborhood groups, the city and Target.

"Frankly it was like a gauntlet. We had to go from one to the other and it was a daily tasks," said Black.

Local residents and the city wanted the store to 'fit in' with the surroundings but found out Target wasn't as flexible as they'd like.

"It's not going to be as dense or as urban as the city comprehensive plan vision calls for but we are working with what we have," said Ted Teske, Southgate neighborhood council vice-chair.

Some residents don't mind at all.

"I don't care what it looks like I just want to shop in there," said Carmelita Campbell.

The new Regal Plaza will also sport a traffic light and turn lanes on the corner.

"I think you're gonna see the traffic get a lot smoother after the development than it was before," said Black.

There will also be four 'pad' buildings in the plaza along with a fountain and sidewalks. No word on who's moving in but the rumor is it's something new.

"Not just new to the South Hill but new to Spokane," said Black.

That's good or bad news depending on how you view it.

"I mean it won't be so good for my wallet because I love Target but it will definitely be super awesome," said Alexander.

Target is looking to finish construction on the project by July of next year.