Detectives retrieve shooting suspect's getaway car

SPOKANE, Wash. - N. Spokane shooting update

The suspected gunman in a fatal drive-by shooting in North Spokane ditched his getaway car and may now be trying to find another way to get out of town.

Detectives say the shooting suspect, 19-year-old Issiah Schauman, gunned down his victim, Fabian McBride, at Rhodes and Atlantic, one block west of Division Street, after the pair had briefly argued in the street.

Investigators were staking out his car, a late model Chrysler New Yorker, hoping Schauman would come back for it. They were aided in the search for the vehicle when witnesses spotted the vehicle leaving the shooting scene.

"It was a dark blue Chrysler New Yorker," witness John Hamilton said moments after the shooting.

Nearby residents even wrote down the license plate number and that aided detectives in finding the car on East Sanson, a few blocks from where Schauman used to live. Detectives took the car under surveillance but gave up when it was reported the vehicle had been located. The car was impounded; officers have not found a murder weapon so they consider Schauman armed and dangerous.

Meanwhile, at the shooting scene a memorial has gone up for McBride.

"I just wish Issiah would turn himself in before it gets any worse," Eric Bothwell, McBride's cousin, said.

Bothwell knows both Schauman as well as McBride. He described McBride as a generous man who enjoyed fishing and spending time with his children.

"Fabian does a lot for other people. He would even give you the shirt off his back for other people and like the nice people here they made a cross for him, they put up the decorations," he said.

In fact just two months ago Fabian kept two other men from beating up Issiah behind a nearby restaurant, so no one can explain why Issiah allegedly shot Fabian Wednesday.

"Issiah if you're out there please turn yourself in. That's the only thing you need to do for us so that Fabian can rest in peace," Bothwell said.