Detectives investigating body found on Sunset Hill

SPOKANE, Wash. - Police are investigating a decomposing body found in a wooded area near 14th and Milton off Highway 195 Sunday afternoon.

Around 4:40 p.m. children playing in the area found the decomposed body.

Major Crimes Detectives and the Forensics Unit are currently investigating. They have been working for several hours securing the crime scene, walking through the area and collecting evidence.

They were under a bit of a time constraint Sunday night because of the light.

"We are losing our daylight. They are working as hard as they can, they are going to be here all night and into tomorrow to get this scene process," Captain Dave Richards said.

Major Crimes investigating decomposed body

The identity and gender of the body has not been determined. Determining the identity, heavily depends on what they find at the crime scene.

"The DNA, the fingerprints, all of that type of forensic work, interviews with people who have others missing, there's a multitude of ways. It really just depends on what they find at the crime scene," Richards said.

The cause of death is also unknown at this time. Detectives don't know how long the body was there.

"The normal protocol is when they find something like this they seal it up, make sure it is protected and then start very methodically going through it," Richards said.

Detective said, family members of missing and runaway people are anxious to find out the identity of the body. Detectives say they don't know if the body is a missing or runaway person.

They are trying to work as fast as they can, but don't want to release any information until they are sure.

Detectives won't say if there is trauma to the body or if there is a campsite nearby.

The body is still in the area. Detectives will likely be there into Monday afternoon.