Deputies continuing to recover following June 19 shooting

Spokane County Sheriff deputies Matt Spink and Mike Northway are continuing to recover from their injuries in the wake of the June 19 shooting in North Spokane.

Monday update: Deputy Spink suffered a single gunshot wound in the leg. He was released from the hospital last Friday and is doing well.

Deputy Northway suffered gunshot wounds to each arm and his leg. The most serious injury is to his left arm, where the bullet destroyed an artery causing significant blood loss.

Northway has undergone several surgeries, the most recent being exploratory surgery on his elbow. Surgeons were happy with what they saw so nothing else was done to repair it.

Since the shooting, Northway has been able to get up and walk around several times. Doctors are now starting to look at a possible release date for Northway to leave the hospital, but nothing has been decided yet.

Deputy Spink has been with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office since 1999. The majority of his career has been assigned to the North District as a patrol deputy. For the past 6 years, he has worked in the same platoon as Deputy Northway.

Deputy Northway began as a Corrections Deputy with Spokane County in February 1996 and moved to patrol in May of 1999.

The Spokane County Chaplains are encouraging citizens wishing to donate blood for Deputy Northway. Please donate blood to account #8675 at the Inland Northwest Blood Center, 210 W. Cataldo.

The Law Enforcement Credit Union, located at 924 West Sinto Ave., and the Spokane County Sheriff's Chaplaincy has established an account on behalf of Deputies Spink's and Northway's families. If you wish to make a donation the name on the account is "Injured Officer". The Credit Union's phone number is 509-327-3244. All donations go to Deputies Spink's and Northway's families expenses and are tax deductable.