Debate over Green Bluff weddings heating up

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - A debate in Green Bluff is heating up. The area of north Spokane County has become a popular destination for weddings and other events.

But there is some confusion over who can host those events and when they are allowed.

Right now, the Spokane County code does not permit weddings in small tract agriculture zones.

Debate over Green Bluff weddings heating up

Properties have been getting around that by claiming weddings they host are part of their seasonal harvest events, intended to help sell their agriculture product.

It is that disparity, and a dispute over noise restriction that has people divided over the issue.

"We have stayed within the farm code is how we host our events which is loud music until six o'clock and there have been some properties that have been hosting events until much later," Stephanie Trezzi said.

Neighbors that do not have events or weddings on their property understand what they do for the local farm community. But, they would like a more clear set of rules and to see those rules enofrced.

"How are people going to have weddings in Spokane County if we don't have something available for all these people and with the views that we have up here this is the perfect place to have a wedding." Sharrie Donough said.

Any change to the code would not just effect Green Bluff, but all of Spokane County.

Those that attended a public testimony workshop Thursday were hopeful a common ground can soon be reached.