Deadly intersection ready for changes

SPOKANE, Wash. - The federal government wants to help save lives at one of Spokane's deadliest intersections – Spotted Road and Airport Drive.

There are a high number of crashes along Division Street and Sprague Avenue, but you'd be hard pressed to find a spot where the injuries are more severe.

Spotted Road and Airport Drive is the scene of collisions several times a year and all too often with deadly consequences.

Deadly intersection ready for changes

In fact, on Saturday a man was killed in a two-car crash at that exact intersection. The victim pulled out in front of a truck and was hit right on the driver's side door, where most cars don't have a lot of protection.

The problem is often that motorists on Spotted Road have to cross Airport Drive into two lanes of oncoming traffic, which his going at least 50-miles-an-hour.

"We've made improvements to both intersections including flashing lights and rumble strips to make driver's aware of upcoming stop signs," Todd Woodard with the Spokane International Airport said.

The airport has also applied for and received a $200,000 grant in the hopes of making Spotted Road and Airport Drive safer.

"Safety is our mantra as employees and as an institution we're always focused on safety, whether it's safety of the aircraft, safety of the traveling public, safety is the first topic in every meeting that we have," Woodard said.