Davenport joining forces with Marriott hotel chain

Davenport joining forces with Marriott hotel chain

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Davenport Hotel Collection will soon be part of a larger hotel franchise as it was announced Thursday the hotels will be partnering with Marriott.

The partnership is with the Marriott Autograph Collection, an international Marriott brand that represents unique upscale and luxury properties.

The hotels will still be distinctively Davenport and nothing about the style or service of the hotels will change. The partnership simply gives the Davenport hotels the opportunity to plug into Marriott's international resources.

The Davenport will now be able to use the Marriott international sales team, online reservation services and Marriott rewards program. Pairing the Davenport hotels with the internationally renowned name of Marrioyt also helps build awareness that Spokane is a destination.

"Spokane needs additional stronger brands, in our city. I think Marriott will certainly help us attract more meeting planners and leisure travelers that want to stay in Marriotts across the country," Matt Jensen, director of sales and marketing for Davenport Hotels, said.

The Davenport Hotel Collection will be the first in Washington to franchise with the Marriott Autograph Collection which is currently the fastest growing Marriott brand.

It will take a little time to convert over the Davenport systems to the Marriott systems but it is expected that the hotels will be integrated by the end of the year.