Cyclists gear up for Bike to Work Week

Cyclists gear up for Bike to Work Week

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you thought there were a lot of bikes out already in Spokane, Brace yourself for the next five days. Starting Monday, it's Bike to Work Week.

"I'll be riding each of the five days," Garry Cehr said.

Garry Cehr is one of the many who will be cruising the city streets May 12-16 for the national ride. It happens every May during Bike Month. It's an effort to encourage people to pick up a bike and ride it. Whether it be to save money on gas, for health reasons, to save the environment or just for fun. While some will hit the streets, even just for one day, others will join in on the festivities in spirit.

"I would love to yes," Butch Rux said. "I'm a maintenance person. I have a lot of tools and you can't do plumbing an electrical without the tools."

If you're like Butch Rux and need to drive to work, just make sure to give the people participating enough room on the road. It's not only Bike to Work Week, it's also the lauch of the Commute of the Century. It's a tour of Spokane's six bike routes. The trails cover the north, south, east and west parts of the city and the outskirts. They add up to more than 100 miles of riding.

"It will really be a celebration of what we built over the last five, ten years," Brandon Blankenagel said.

Blankelnagel came up with the idea of the Commute of the Century. He is a senior engineer with the City of Spokane. His hope with the commute is that people who take part will give feedback on the routes so he can relay to the city what needs work.

"We want to go in and get more than just a network," Blankenagel said. "We want to find out how comfortable people are riding on what we have in place."

It's not too late to join. Log on to spokanebikes.net, register, grab a bike and go!