"Creepy clown" mask sales soar despite local shop

Creepy clown mask sales soar despite local shop

SPOKANE, Wash. - As "creepy clown" sightings increase, costume shops are seeing a skyrocket in clown mask sales. But even though it's a money maker, one local shop won't give in to the fad.

"Most of our stuff is for your everyday clown, like a circus clown," said Dan Duncan, owner of Party Palace on Division.

Party Palace is a year round costume shop that sells everything you need to make a perfect clown, but not the kind that makes you cringe.

"We don't really order the scarier types of stuff," said Duncan.

And they're not about to start.

The recent craze has launched "creepy clown" mask sales up 300% since last year.

Many Halloween stores are stocking up but Duncan says Party Palace won't be one of them.

"No I won't buy into it, if they want to do a clown costume and gore it up, we've got plenty of blood to make scars and such. It's a fad and it's going to die off," said Duncan.