Cracking robberies top priority for Spokane Police

Cracking robberies top priority for Spokane Police

SPOKANE, Wash. - With eight robberies in the last month, cracking those cases and finding the suspects behind them are a top priority for the Spokane Police Department.

The robberies include multiple Subway restaurants, the Yoke's off Indian Trail, Mug Shots coffee stand on Garland and three robberies of Jitterz Hava, which has prompted their employees to start carrying guns.

"We have been working on this all week. It's a top priority for our department right now," Spokane Police Captain Brad Arleth said. "We are looking at the probability that many of these robberies are related."

Police say there are multiple reasons for that theory, including similar suspect descriptions, similar targets and similar methods of operation when the robbery subject comes in and confronts people.

The robbers have been described as tall men in their mid-20s and at almost every robbery displayed a handgun. Detectives say there are things businesses can be doing to better prepare themselves if they are targeted next.

"Having more than one employee working at a time, having the area well lit, locking doors that can be locked, and certainly the use of surveillance cameras helps when we go to look for evidence," Arleth said.

Police said never to hesitate to call 911 if you notice anything suspicious. Detectives also want your help to find those robbers so if you have any information on them you're asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.