Court reverses decision; mom of dead toddler will stay in jail

SPOKANE, Wash. - A federal court judge overturned a magistrate's decision Tuesday, deciding to hold the mother of a murdered Spokane toddler in jail pending her trial on weapons and drug trafficking charges.

Friday, magistrate John Rodgers ordered that Lovina Rainey be released pending trial to a drug rehab center in Idaho. Prosecutors strenuously objected to the decision, saying Rainey was a danger to herself and others and showed disregard for law enforcement before and after her child's death.

Rainey is not charged with the murder of her daughter, 2-year old Adalynn Hoyt. Rainey admits leaving Adalynn in the care of her ex-boyfriend, a known drug user named Jason Obermiller. While in Obermiller's care, Adalynn died from trauma to the abdomen. He was arrested in Idaho and is awaiting extradition on murder charges.

While investigating Adalynn's death, investigators found meth, heroin and weapons, which Rainey admitted belonged to her. During the course of their investigation, detectives also learned Rainey and Obermiller are accused of stealing four pounds of meth from drug traffickers.

Rainey's attorney argued she wants to be clean and sober while facing these charges. In court, the Good Samaritan rehab center in Idaho agreed to take custody of Rainey and give her faith-based treatment while awaiting trial. She was to be fit with an electronic monitoring bracelet upon her release.

Tuesday morning, however, federal prosecutors successfully argued that the decision should be reversed and that Rainey should stay in jail.

In his written decision, Hon. Tom Rice wrote that the severity of Rainey's charges warrant her detention. "The Court also finds by clear and convincing evidence that there are no conditions or combination of conditions other than detention that will reasonably assure the safety of the community," he writes.

Judge Rice also denied Rainey's motion to be allowed out of jail to attend Adalynn's memorial service, citing the danger Rainey presents to the community.