Court Documents: "I'm going to kill you, mom!"

SPOKANE - Avondre Graham faces a Second Degree Murder charge and is already charged with assault for attacks along the Centennial Trail. Newly uncovered court documents show he's threatened to kill his own mother.

Graham, 17, is the prime suspect in the May murder of Sharlotte McGill. The 55-year-old mother was walking her dog along the river in East Spokane, just outside of her apartment, and was stabbed to death. Before she died, she told witnesses the man who killed her was a "black man" with a "bad eye."

In the weeks following McGill's murder, attacks along the Centennial trail, in which women were brutally beaten, began to trickle in. The most recent attack was on September 13th - 44-year-old Debbie Watkins survived but required stitches. Fortunately for her, Josh Gahl was working at Maplewood Gardens and heard her screams for help. He chased Graham until police could capture him.

"Based on the interview that detectives did have with Mr. Graham, and based on the assaults that occurred on the trail that are similar in nature, detectives feel very clearly that they have the person that's responsible for [McGill's] murder," Major Craig Meidl with the Spokane Police Department said.

At just 17, Graham has created a hefty wrap sheet. In addition to his most recent troubles, on Valentines day police report he threatened to kill his own mother.

Stephanie Miramontes called 911 on February 14th to report her son was suicidal and needed a mental evaluation. When officers got to the apartment complex, the same complex as Sharlotte McGill, Graham refused to answer questions.

According to court documents, as officers escorted Graham out of the apartment he lunged his head at his mother and yelled "I'm going to kill you, mom!"

The case was handled through the Juvenile Court System and Graham was granted a stay on two conditions: That he attend school inside the Juvenile Court and that he take his medications. Court documents do not specify what those medications treat.

If Graham completed his treatment by December 18th he would be cleared. However, on September 13th he was arrested for allegedly attacking Debbie Watkins on centennial trail. He now sits in Juvenile Detention awaiting his first appearance on a charge of Second Degree Murder in the death of McGill. That appearance is expected to take place next week.