Court docs: Neighbor found murder victim inside home

SPOKANE, Wash. - A neighbor of the homicide victim discovered inside a home in the 2500 block of N. Standard Tuesday morning found the woman lying facedown in a bedroom wrapped in a quilt blanket.

According to court documents, an identification card found in a purse in the living room of the residence was for Tracy Fergerstrom, 46, who the neighbor recognized as someone who frequently visited the home owned by Jeremy Arnold, the murder suspect shot and killed by Spokane Police only a few hours later when he drove through a police barricade and pointed a gun at officers.

The neighbor told police he had permission to go into the home to use the computer and went into the home through the doggie door to unlock the back door. When he went inside the home he discovered the woman's body lying on the floor in the bedroom.

The man called his sister, let her into the home and together they discovered the identification card in the purse and he recognized the woman in the bedroom as Fergerstrom. The witness told authorities he last saw Arnold and Fergerstrom with another unidentified female having a barbeque in front of the home around 3 p.m. on Monday.

Two pit bulls were inside the home and the brother and sister took the dogs and placed them in a Jeep Cherokee which was owned by Arnold prior to officers arriving at the residence. The dogs were later retrieved by Spokanimal.

Officers entered the home and when they saw the body noticed the victim had several stab wounds. They also observed blood elsewhere in the house and signs of a violent struggle.

Arnold's next door neighbor spoke to officers investigating the homicide, who said Arnold had shown him a black handgun in the last three months and Arnold had told his neighbor he had blanks for the gun and said if he ever heard anything not to worry "as he would never do anything to him or other neighbors," according to court documents.

The neighbor had heard a loud bang in the last few months at the house and Arnold had come over and asked him if he heard anything and the neighbor assumed it was Arnold's gun.

As a convicted felon, Arnold would have been prohibited from having a firearm.

Among the evidence police spotted while going through the residence, officers also found surveillance cameras pointing toward the front door and front yard and surveillance equipment inside the house.

On Monday, an officer had been called to the residence on a welfare check for another woman. The officer had been dispatched because a woman had reported they had not heard from their friend and requested officers check Arnold's residence. The officer drove by and spotted a man standing in front of the house believed to be Arnold and a woman and a small child in the front yard. The officer later looked at the identification card for Fergerstrom and believed that was the woman he saw standing out in the front yard Monday evening.

Court documents don't indicate whether or not the woman who was the subject of the welfare call was ever located.

Wednesday afternoon the Spokane County Medical Examiner confirmed Fergerstrom died from multiple stab and incised wounds.