Couples line up before dawn for marriage licenses

SPOKANE, Wash. - The wait is finally over for same sex couples across the state. In Seattle, hundreds of people lined up to get their marriage licenses while in Spokane, about a dozen couples were up early waiting Thursday morning.

Before the sun came up, same sex couples came out, braving the cold for a certificate.

"We got here about 5 o'clock," Matthew Dill said.

Dill and his fiancé Christopher Rogers were the first ones at the Spokane County Courthouse to get their marriage certificate.

marriage licenses

"Every time we see a movement inside there, we are looking in the window," Dill said.

The wait was well worth it for this couple who are ready to say "I do."

"Even though nobody can take away our love, but now that it is going to be more recognized it does feel real," Dill explained.

For Margaret Witt and her partner Laurie Johnson, it's been a long time coming.

"It's so amazing that we are finally here! Everything we have gone through, it makes a difference," Johnson said.

After hours of waiting outside, it was finally time for same sex couples to go inside the courthouse to get that all important piece of paper. Margaret and Laurie were the first ones up, the marriage license letting the world know their commitment to each other is the same as everyone else's.

"It makes you feel a little more whole," Witt said. "We are still shaking, it's another surreal, amazing experience."

They've spent nine years together, and now just nine more days before their wedding day.

"Those best days just keep happening to us. It's amazing," Witt said.

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Matthew Dill and Chris Rogers. They head to the altar on Sunday.

"We are having just a small ceremony with some of our really close friends," Dill said. "When we get it fully officiated I think that will be the cherry on the pie."