Couple declares VW bus is not for sale

Couple declares VW bus is not for sale

SPOKANE, Wash. -

"They had a green, I think a light green color, a light blue and then this maroon color," Rod Lashley said.

The 21-window, rag top roof vehicle is usually the apple of Lashley's eye, but lately it's been the root of his pain.

"I sort of see people's interest, but boy were they making me miserable," Lashley said.

For the past five years, he and his wife, Debra have seen numerous people show up at their door daily asking if the bus is for sale.

"You're doing something, there's a knock on the door, the dogs are going crazy, you stop what you're doing and go answer the door and it's someone asking about the car again," Debra said.

Debra finally got fed up with the constant attention. Last week, they put up a sign on the bus that reads "Not for sale. Don't ask. Don't call. Don't trespass. Do not knock." So far, so good. Their plan to ward off avid Volkswagen fans has worked.

"At first it was nice, but your whole day is constantly interrupted," Debra said.

She said that they would get a minimum of six visitors a day before the sign was up. Some brought cold hard cash to prove the deal was real.

"A real estate guy stopped by and I think he had $47,000 in cash," Debra said.

The bus is their son's dream vehicle. The couple saw it on the side of the road 25 years ago and bought it for a mere $1,700. For the first 20 years it was with their son in Olympia. Now it's parked in the carport at their home on Driscoll Boulevard waiting for Rod to give it a new motor.


Rod does love it. He just wishes he would have put it in the garage before the motor died.

"If I would have realized I was going to get the amount of attention I am with it, I would have tried to hide it a little," Lashley said.

Lashley said one day he might sell the bus, but not anytime soon. If that does happen, for those interested there will be a "for sale" sign replaced by the current one.