Cops seize guns, drugs, counterfeit cash at East Spokane home

SPOKANE, Wash. - Police raided a home at 27 S. Haven Street morning on a firearms related search warrant, recovering guns, counterfeit cash and drugs.

That home is directly across from Libby Center School and because of that the SWAT team was there helping execute the warrant as a precaution. Detectives questioned three people and eventually arrested 34-year-old Kevin Chastain.

Chastain, a nine-time convicted felon, has a long criminal record including forgery, first degree theft, residential burglary, and trafficking stolen property.

"This is a bad actor; this is a guy who is a few hundred feet away from where our children are going to school … we are not going to tolerate that kind of behavior," Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub said during a Friday afternoon press conference.

SWAT raid

Spokane Police Detective Doug Orr said that Chastain, who has ties to a white supremacist group, was not only in possession of several firearms, but police also found meth inside the home.

Orr called this a 'good day' because information from the public helped get dangerous people and illegal weapons off the streets.

"The detective involved in this case has spoken with me and says that due to a series of informants, this investigation came about. This is something that was in the works for quite a while," said Orr.

During his press conference, Straub laid out everything that was found inside the residence: guns, counterfeit cash, drug paraphernalia.

"We will not tolerate this activity in this neighborhood," Straub said.

The raid was the culmination of a lengthy investigation and the help of informants.

"Today's search warrant once again demonstrates the bravery and dedication of our officers who went into a residence where they knew firearms would be present," Straub said. "In fact that they knew at least one of those individuals in the house had his own indoor firing range and yet they put their lives on the line again to reduce crime and violence in this community."

In addition to the guns, counterfeit cash and drugs recovered from the home, police also found cellphone tower repair equipment that is reportedly worth $200,000. It's all now evidence to be used to build a case against Chastain.

"We are going out and will be relentless in pursuing these types of individuals who threaten our children, who threaten our neighborhoods," Straub said.

Pending further investigation, the two individuals police questioned but did not arrest may also face charges.