Construction, business booming in Kendall Yards

Construction, business booming in Kendall Yards

SPOKANE, Wash. - Business is booming in Kendall Yards, one of Spokane's hottest neighborhoods. For 40 years, this area sat vacant and now it's one of the hippest parts of town.

From homes to restaurants, the Kendall Yards development along the north bank of the Spokane River is growing rapidly. Another restaurant just opened up this month and several more are coming this spring in this new, hip urban neighborhood.

"It's an up and coming neighborhood, we really wanted to be in some place with a community feel," The Yards Bruncheon general manager Paul Doraz said.

The Yards Bruncheon is the newest business to open up in Kendall Yards.

"We opened two weeks ago and we've been busy, almost every single day, we are very, very excited," Doraz said.

The owner is also opening up a new tapas restaurant next door called Wandering Table.

"Contemporary fine dining over there, full wine list, beer, liquor," Doraz explained.

A Kickstart campaign to help open the two restaurants raised $35,000, but these aren't the only places in Kendall Yards that'll satisfy your appetite. Brain Freeze Creamery is scheduled to open in April and Veraci Pizza is also planning a move into the neighborhood.

"It takes a long time to get to this point, we are finally starting to get some traction and it's going to keep building from here," Adam Jones with Greenstone said.

Construction on the Highline Loft building, which is slated to have six retail shops and 24 apartments, is moving along nicely. By October roughly 200 single family homes and 150 apartments will be completed or under construction.

Craig Pearsall sold his South Hill home to move to Kendall Yards and has no regrets.

"When this started, we knew it was the right place and it has turned out, better than we thought," Pearsall said.

This project is far from being complete; Greenstone is working on bringing a grocery store to the neighborhood and a city park on the bluff is also in the works. Greenstone anticipates construction will be ongoing for another seven years.