Condon reinstates salary to $169K in 2013 budget

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Mayor David Condon rolled out his proposed budget yesterday, calling for 100 positions to be cut from city payrolls and reinstated the mayor's full salary.

When the mayor was voted into office last November, he accepted a reduced salary of $100,000 a year because that's what former mayor Mary Verner had written into the budget.

Verner had taken a pay cut to help the budget despite a reduction in pay going against the city charter.

In a statement released Thursday, Mayor Condon said, "I believe the salary prescribed in the city charter is appropriate for the CEO of an organization with nearly 2,000 employees, and I won't allow the mayor's office to play politics with this issue any longer."

Once Verner was voted out of office, she requested the city pay her all the money she'd foregone in the salary reductions.

The city denied that request.