Condon reaches settlement in ethics complaint

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Mayor David Condon has reached a settlement with the Spokane Area chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW).

According to a press release sent by City of Spokane Communications Director Brian Coddington, "Spokane Area National Organization for Women has agreed to dismiss its ethics complaint against Mayor David Condon and will sit on a 21st Century Workforce Task Force to strengthen the city's harassment, recruitment, hiring, and employee training, retention and advancement policies and practices, and examine any pay issues recommended by the report published by the Gender and Race Pay Equity Task Force.

"In addition to the Spokane Area NOW representative, task force members will include:  a Human Rights Commission member, two City Council members, a Civil Service representatives, a private-sector company human resources executive, a local not-for-profit agency human resources executive, the City's human resources director, and an attorney from the City Attorney's Office. The task force, which will be formed within the next 30 days, will focus on city policies and training, race and gender pay equity, and wellness. Subcommittees will also be formed on sexual harassment and gender pay equity and include a Spokane Area NOW representative on each."

The task force will review the Gender and Pay Equity Report and the Seabold Group Report.

Mayor Condon's Office will work with Spokane City Council "to evaluate the Ethic's Commission's ordinance, policies and procedures and recommend any appropriate changes by the end of the year."

The complaint was scheduled to be discussed at a special meeting of the Ethics Commission at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

NOW called for Condon's resignation in July hours after a report was released on the investigation of sexual harassment claims made by former Spokane Police spokesperson Monique Cotton against former Police Chief Frank Straub.