CompStat helping Spokane Police predict crime

SPOKANE, Wash. - Police say they are responding faster to calls thanks to their new CompStat process. It identifies hot spots for certain types of crime, and when they happen so police can send more officers to the areas they're needed most.

One of the hot spots for burglary and car thefts is around the intersection of Nevada and North Foothills.

"Seventy-seven years I've been here, putting up with all of this," Fred Donges said, laughing.

CompStat helping Spokane Police predict crime

Donges raised six children in his house. In that time, a number of burglars have attempted to enter his home and garage. The latest attempt was last month in his garage.

"When I came out here, all (the siding) was hanging out here and I knew somebody had been trying to get in there," he said.

According to the Spokane Police CompStat map, Fred's neighborhood is a hot bed for residential burglaries and car thefts.

Overall in Spokane, car thefts are up 46% since the beginning of the year compared to this time last year. Residential burglaries are up 5%.

Chief Frank Straub says the CompStat program is working. In the last month property crimes overall are down 3%.

Straub says the process worked as recently as Tuesday night, when officers were already in the neighborhood of that home invasion on North Pittsburgh. They arrived to find a grandmother holding the intruder at gun point.

"Analysts had predicted that area, specifically that block, was a most probable target at that time of day for another burglary," Chief Straub said.

Fred Donges likes the idea if his house alarm goes off, police may be nearby. Otherwise if a burglar comes in, Donges says he may have to use his target shooting skills.