Community members express concerns over sex offender release

Community members express concerns over sex offender release

SPOKANE, Wash. - Community members showed up to a public safety forum hosted by Spokane police to express their concerns over the release of a level III sex offender in Spokane.

Many people have made their fears known to KXLY 4 News, and had the chance to tell city officials how they felt. The public safety meeting was supposed to focus on property crime and crime prevention, but when it was announced that David McCuisition, a level III sex offender, was being released into our community, police decided to change gears.

"We wanted to shift the focus just a little bit to address some of those concerns and to reassure the community that the release was done safely and that we're doing everything we can to make sure the kids and teens are safe," said Cpl. Teresa Fuller with the Spokane Police Department.

The Department of Corrections attended the meeting at the Northeast Community Center to answer questions about McCuisition's release. Many wondered why he was chosen to be released in Spokane.

"I can't answer specifically who came up with the plan or why or how many other places were looked at. This was the only one that we investigated that we were presented with," said Kimberly Acker with the Department of Corrections.

Acker explained that a sex offender's placement is decided by the court, not the DOC. The Department of Corrections also promised those who attended the meeting that several agencies would be closely monitoring all of McCuisition's actions. Several people wondered just how relaxed DOC will get with their monitoring, but Acker says it won't be much at all.

"We don't start getting lazy. We don't start saying 'hey he seems fine. You don't need to come in anymore.' That just doesn't happen," she said.

McCuisition will also have to submit to regular drug and alcohol testing, as well as the possibility of polygraph tests.

"Does it prevent him from doing it? No," said Acker. "But, it's the closest we can come to try and get him on the right foot and hope that he will follow the conditions that the court ordered."

DOC says it will be having daily interactions with McCuisition to make sure he's following through with all the conditions of his release.