Cold temps keep kids cooped inside during recess

Cold temps keep kids cooped inside during recess

SPOKANE, Wash. - Like a lot of schools in the Spokane School District, Holmes Elementary School has more to think about when the frosty weather rolls in.

"A concern that I have is really to and from school," Steve Barnes, Holmes Elementary School principal, said. "We had a little girl that had a tank top on today so we got her a little sweatshirt, a little home sweatshirt, to keep her warm."

The school has a closet ready for instances like these. The items cater to students in kindergarten through sixth grade and have been generously donated from people in the community.

Barnes said it's a necessary program.

"We provide that because kids need to be dressed appropriately for the cold to be successful and be safe," Barnes said.

Barnes added once students are at school, he can make sure they are kept warm, and when it gets down into the teens the students are required to stay inside during recess. They can play on computers or play board games. They can also do homework or just chat with friends.

Sixth grader Monet Wilds says those activities are fun, but she would rather be outside.

"Outside you get more active, you get fresh air, inside you're locked in," She said.

However, her classmate,Tucker McLaughlin, would rather avoid the cold.

"I usually just sit and talk with my friends and occasionally I'll do a computer or something," Tucker said.

Barnes said the school will likely have indoor recess for the rest of the week because of the cold temperatures.