Club encourages kids to "Be Great"

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Libby Teen Center has been used by the Boys and Girls Club for many years as a safe place kids can use after school and during the summer. Now the center has a new name but the mission remains the same.

Boys and Girls Club executive director Dick Hanlin says changing the name from Libby Teen Center to "The Be Great Club" signifies a step forward for the kids.

"We're really focusing on education support, which is critical here in Spokane, technology advancement and leadership development, who we want to succeed in life," he said.

And for kids like 11-year-old Kasey Anderson, the club means a safe, educational but most importantly fun place to come.

Libby Teen Center

"The best part is that it's fun. It's fun ... like really fun you get to play lots of games," she said.

As Kasey practiced her keynote speech I ran into Daniel Anderson, a Rogers High School grad we profiled on KXLY four years ago after he said the Boys and Girls Club saved his life. Anderson has come full circle; he's getting ready to graduate from Eastern and now he's a counselor at the club.

"That's what I really want to do; I can see the impact that it's had on me and it's what I want to do for the kids here as well. I know how much that a place like this, even if it's just a little tiny corner in a small school, it can have a huge impact on everyone's life," he said.

As for Kasey she said with the help of the club she can win over any crowd.

"I'd like to thank all the people who love children and thank you for all your support," she said.

It's support that's helping the kids achieve.

The Be Great Club is open every day except for the weekends. It only costs $10 to be a part of it for the year. The reason it's so reasonable is because of the generous donations from the community and individuals who support the Boys and Girls Club.