City to vote on new SCRAPS animal control partnership

SPOKANE - The Spokane City Council will vote Monday at their weekly meeting on whether to move ahead with an animal control contract with SCRAPS, ending their long-standing relationship with SpokAnimal for certain animal services.

Under the proposed 20-year contract for animal control services with SCRAPS, the city would pay an annual fixed fee for animal control services equivalent to what it pays today, adjusted annually for inflation. The fee for 2014, when services would begin, is $561,500.

According to the city, the partnership with SCRAPS would provide enhanced animal control services in an upgraded facility for no more than the city pays today.

"We are excited to move ahead with this new contract with SCRAPS.  We are creating an improved regional system at a cost that's affordable for our citizens," says Mayor David Condon. "We also want to thank SpokAnimal for their long service to the City and its citizens." 

SCRAPS was chosen through a competitive process in which both SCRAPS and SpokAnimal submitted proposals. SpokAnimal has been the City's animal control provider and will continue to provide those services for the City through 2013.

"By partnering with Spokane County, we will provide our citizens and the pets they love, a brand new state of the art facility, a streamlined licensing process, a single regional shelter, and all at a lower cost than we currently pay," says Council Member Steve Salvatori who was part of the selection process.