City of Spokane preps for incoming storm

SPOKANE, Wash. - The City of Spokane is urging residents to prepare for a wind and rainstorm that could bring damage throughout the region.

"The City of Spokane has turned up emergency equipment like generators and chain saws, reviewed response plans and confirmed the availability of extra crews, if needed," a city spokesperson said in a news release Thursday.

High winds could bring down power lines and trees and heavy rain could cause flooding in some areas. If you see this anywhere in the city, call 755-CITY and leave information about locations so the city can respond.

The city also reminds residents not to approach downed power lines, but to call 911 immediately. It's also recommended that people clear leaves and debris from storm drains near homes and businesses to prevent flooding.

The city has also alerted contractors to monitor street construction zones for flooding or other hazards caused by the storm.