CIty of Spokane planning on skate park re-design

The Spokane skate park under the I-90 at 3rd Street and McClellan Avenue is getting a $300,000 makeover.

The city of Spokane  is using left over money from the 2008 park bond to fund the project.

 Monday night the city held a redesign meeting to get the public's input on the project.

CIty of Spokane planning on skate park re-design

Mike Malsam's been grinding at the park since he was a kid. "I have been coming here since I was 9 and I am 24 so that's 15 years," Malsam said.

He still comes back everyday to master the art of skating; but he admits the park has gone downhill.

"Bystanders will be like that's just a waste of space or they just see the drug usage and the graffiti as a bad thing," he said.

The city hopes to curb the safety issues at the downtown stake park along with redesigning it.

"We got quite a few goals for this project. We got a graffiti issue down here that we need to address and by having positive users down here we hope to address it," Mike Aho with the Spokane Parks and Rec Department said.

The city plans to add new skate elements and art to make the park more comfortable for everyone.

"We want Spokane to understand what a neat aspect this is for the community and it's potential," Aho added.

Malsam said he already has a long list of his design dreams and he planned to make his opinions known at the redesign meeting. He said he wants somewhere he can spend the next 15 years grinding on redesigned skating turf.

"That's what is so cool about having a meeting because they want our input they are not going to just build something and say here it goes," Malsam said.

The city hopes to start construction in February and have it complete by next summer.