City of Moscow closes portions of parks because of flooding

City of Moscow closes portions of...

MOSCOW, Idaho - Warmer temperatures and heavy rain forced Moscow, Idaho to close some of its parks Thursday due to flooding.

The Parks and Recreation Department closed portions of Mountain View Park, Heron's Hideaway, and Berman Creekside Park this morning.

David Boyd and Daisy Mae love to take walks in the park.

"We come here one day we go to East City Park one day," Boyd said, "one day we go over to Mountain View Park so we try to alternate and go to different parks."

But on Thursday, when they showed up to Berman Creekside Park, they were met with a sign warning of the overflowing creek nearby.

"[The water] is pretty high," he said. "It hasn't been like this for probably seven, eight years."

The City of Moscow says this was necessary to keep park-goers safe.

"Within the Parks and Recreation Department, we saw some localized flooding," said Assistant Parks and Recreation Director David Schott. "We opted to close those for public safety, certain portions of that park."

Schott explained this amount of flooding isn't typical.

"It's not unique, but certainly not normal either," he said.

But it's a welcome sign that this long winter will eventually come to an end.

"We've had a lot of snow this year, and I think a lot of people will tell you it would be good to get the snow out of here and get into spring," he said.

And Boyd and Daisy Mae are excited to see the snow go away, too.

"Oh it's been horrible, I have cabin fever," Boyd said of the snow. "There's just been way too much snow."

The City of Moscow is advising people to stay away from the closed areas until the flooding is gone.