City leaders ask for public's help to combat graffiti

City leaders ask for public's help to combat graffiti

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane city leaders are asking for your help fighting graffiti all you need is your smart phone.

The city is hoping this new system empowers people to take a little pride and ownership in their city by simply using the camera on your smart phone to report graffiti and have an actual hand in fighting crime and cleaning up the streets.

Police and city planners have something called the 'Broken Window' theory. Simply put, if someone throws a rock through a window and you don't fix it chances are there will be another broken window soon.

The same goes for graffiti and the city wants to tackle these trouble areas in order to deter future tagging.

On Monday Spokane introduced a new way for reporting graffiti by uploading a picture with location and notes about the graffiti and code enforcement will address the issue.

"It's really part of a larger effort in our community to make it cleaner and safer whether you are in a neighborhood or in a business community to really make that clean and safe and to deter the other type of activities that could come along with graffiti," Heather Trautman said.

You can still report graffiti the old fashioned way by requesting and filling out paper forms but the city hopes this new tool makes things easier and puts more eyes out on the streets. For more about the new system click here.