City lays out plans for snowy roads, sidewalks

City lays out plans for snowy roads, sidewalks

SPOKANE, Wash. - Winter may not officially be here, but the snow and cold aren't going anywhere any time soon. That means roads could be icy and slippery in the days to come, and the city wants residents to know how the plows are scheduled.

Right now, residential streets aren't being plowed because no snow event has been declared in Spokane. Without a snow event, plows will just take care of the main arterials.

A Stage 1 Snow Event means there are two inches of snow on the ground, and four or more inches are anticipated. That's when plows hit arterials, STA fixed bus routes, hospital districts, outlying access routes and residential hill routes.

All residential roads get plowed during a Stage Two Snow Event, which means six inches are on the ground, and more is snowfall is anticipated. However, the city says it has plans for problem roads before a Stage Two Snow event.

"We will sand up to the residential street where they abut arterial streets, if it's needed. And then if we have some spots on some of the residential areas, on some of the hilly areas, if we have some problem areas in there we will bring a sander in there, if it's needed," said Mark Serbousek, manager of the city Streets Department.

And while the city is in charge of clearing roads, it's up to business and homeowners to make sure sidewalks stay clear.

"We ask residents to do their part in clearing their sidewalks and helping their neighbors out who perhaps can't or don't have the ability to clear their sidewalks," said Julie Happy with Spokane City.

Tony Giommana was out shoveling his elderly neighbor's sidewalk in North Spokane Monday.

"She can't get out here and do it herself, so between my sons and I and the other neighbors, we try to take care of her walk," he said.

The city can fine a homeowner or business who doesn't keep their sidewalk clear. But, that code is only enforced if residents complain to the city.