City Hall putting properties on the market

SPOKANE, Wash. - Parts of Spokane will soon be up for sale as City Hall intends to sell a number of properties to make money.

The city won't be selling any parks; however it does plan on putting prime real estate -- like Anthony's along the shore of the Spokane River which the city owns -- on the market.

Out of the 9,000 acres it owns, the City of Spokane hopes to sell about 100 acres this year, with one of the more notable properties being Anthony's restaurant and the property surrounding it.

"We're looking at how we can get those back into the private sector and how we can get them to be more functional properties for the community," City spokesperson Marlene Feist said.

Spokane for sale

The city could also relocate some of its services to help sell property, like the water and wastewater buildings along Hamilton and North Foothills. That land could be used for businesses, attracting sales and property tax.

"Which is a good thing to get that back to private ownership, back on the tax rolls," Feist said.

Most of the 100 acres going up for sale are slivers of land next to homes.

"We have to buy, sometimes, more than we need to do a street project in the right away purchase, but now the project's done and we don't need it anymore," Feist said.

The money raised cannot be used for city operations or services; instead, it will go back into capital projects and help improve sites like the streets department.

The city now hopes people will actually want to buy those properties it puts up for sale.

"Great for development or even just use of an adjacent property … that we really don't have a use for, but they might," Feist said.

In addition to offloading some of its properties, the city is also eliminating its real estate department. Two full-time employees and a temporary employee will be let go next month. If the city needs help in selling the properties then a private realtor will be hired as a consultant.