City enlisting residents' help to find, fix potholes

SPOKANE, Wash. - They pop up unexpectedly and can wreak havoc on your tires and now the City of Spokane wants the community's help to fill potholes before they damage your car.

The city is asking that people call them with the location and size of any pothole, adding that the sooner they know they're there the faster they get fixed.

If you're not dodging snow and ice, you might be dodging its damage. The constant freeze thaw cycle means potholes are popping up like popcorn, and many drivers know at least one personally.

Pothole patrol

Since Jan. 1 the city has filled 227 potholes, filling them based on ratings, according to Ann Deasy with the City of Spokane. However the city relies on drivers to help them find the ones they haven't gotten yet.

When reporting a pothole, remember its size. Was it big enough to cause problems? Also the city asks you mark its location by the nearest intersection..

"If they get there and they see more than one pothole that needs filled, they'll take care of the other ones too," Deasy said.

Last year the city filled close to 3,000 potholes. In 2011 that number was close to 4,000. Because the city uses a winter mix to fill some holes they may need a second patch later on.

"It's a little bit less permanent than the mix we can use in the summer," Deasy explained.

The pothole hotline number is 625-7733 and the city said the sooner you call the sooner they get fixed.