City Council unanimously approves food truck ordinance

City Council unanimously approves food truck ordinance

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane City Council voted 7-0 Monday night to adopt two ordinances regulating food trucks within city limits.

In May, the city began looking into regulating the growing industry in Spokane. They drafted an ordinance but some food truck owners weren't happy with what they came up with.

The first draft of the ordinance called for a mobile food vending permit, the cost $40 plus $10 for each additional location. It also required truck owners to get permission from businesses if they planned to operate within 75 feet of them.

After hearing from truck owners, the city set up a meeting between all parties involved.

They group made up of the Greater Spokane Food Truck Association, restaurant owners and the city decided to amend the proposal.

The ordinance that passed, requires a $60 permit fee, and mobile food venders must have permission from established businesses within 50 feet.

"I'm super excited about it, I'm really elated that the city worked with us," president of the Greater Spokane Food Truck Association Joile Farral said. "We got a lot done, there was a lot of compromise, there was a good solution and that it was passed."

"This is one thing that Spokane has above anybody else is that people actually got things done," GM of Dawn of the Donuts Clay Cerna said.

City Council President Ben Stuckart told council Monday night that a survey will be done among businesses downtown if they would like food trucks near them.

The data collected will then be used to create a map for truck owners on where they can go.