City Council to vote on new public exposure ordinance on Monday

SPOKANE, Wash. - City Council to vote on new public exposure ordinance on Monday

How much skin is too much? That's the question the city council wants to answer on Monday with a proposed 'unlawful public exposure' ordinance.

City council members tell us that this ordinance isn't targeting Triple X Espresso or lingerie espresso stands like the one on Northwest Blvd. Rather that it was these stands that started the conversation about the level of acceptable public nudity.

At these places, coffee is served up with an extra helping of skin. And while these ladies would fit right in floating the Spokane River, outfits on other days would certainly turn heads.

"Our most exposing ones are going to be our 'Pasty Tuesday,' but then again that's once a week that's something we do to draw in business," said Triple X Espresso manager Nicole Kukel.

This Monday, Spokane City Council will vote on the 'unlawful public exposure' ordinance which would effectively cancel "Pasty Tuesdays" at Triple X Espresso. Kukel says if that passes get ready to cover up the rest of Spokane.

"Micro bikinis and g-strings and things like that are worn on the beach," said Kukel.

The ordinance would add the lower half of the butt crack to the body parts not allowed in public outside an area designated for public nudity.

"Ahhh, in their words, anal cleft, under cleavage," said Kukel.

Under cleavage is described as more than one-half of the part of a breast below the areola. Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan says the city needs to draw a line, not a string, before things go sour like out west.

"There are, been reports of strip tease. There have been reports of prostitution, drugs," said Fagan.

Fagan also points out that even KXLY chooses to not show certain images in this story.

"Number one, they considered it pornographic and obscene, and number two but more importantly, they can not control who watches that channel," said Fagan.

For the record, KXLY does not consider the outfits pornographic or obscene. We chose not to show images that viewers just might not be expecting.

Come Monday expect Triple X Espresso to present its own petition against the proposed ordinance.