City council passes new no-growth budget for 2013

SPOKANE, Wash. - With a vote of 4-3 the Spokane City Council approved a no-growth budget for 2013.

After four hours of debate and public testimony Monday night, council members Mike Allen, Nancy McLaughlin, Steve Salvatori and Mike Fagan voted in favor of the mayor's budget.

"In light of our fiscal reality, government needs to be striding to return to its core functions," Mike Fagan said.

City council passes new no-growth budget for 2013

Amber Waldref, Jon Snyder and Ben Stuckart strongly opposed the budget and voted no.

"My value system does not let me vote for a budget that has pay raises for five people while it cuts positions," Ben Stuckart said.

The budget will close a $10-million dollar budget gap, eliminate 100 positions and reduce fire service on the South Hill.

Under the budget, Fire Station 9 will lose an engine. 

Council members also earmarked $15-thousand dollars for body cameras for the Spokane Police Department .  Money was also allocated for a special election in January.