City Council declares 2014 summer of zombie apocalypse

City Council declares 2014 summer of zombie apocalypse

SPOKANE, Wash. - Monday night's City Council meeting started with a lighthearted, yet very sincere, salutation to a TV show.

The council recognized Z-Nation, the Sy-Fy network's zombie show that premieres this September.

The entire series is being filmed right here in Spokane.

"Entitled, summer of the zombie apocalypse in Spokane. Whereas the zombies have descended upon Spokane," said Council member Mike Fagan with a laugh.

The positive impact of the show on this city is no laughing matter.

"A 13 episode television series employing 200 crew members, 200 actors and 1300 extras, Z-nation will begin its run on the Scy-Fy television network this September," said Fagan.

Those jobs are not short term. Spokane has been part of more than 50 movies, but local producer Rich Cowan says filming a television series is even better for the economy.

"This is the first television series, these are sustainable jobs when you're doing television, they go on for months and we'll get more jobs out of this as well," said Cowan. "I mean Spokane is such a great place to shoot."

Cowan thanked the local government for being so cooperative in the making of the series, bringing them authentic 'zombie brains.'

The series resumes filming on Monday and if you would like to get in on the action you still can.

There are a few agencies in town helping with casting including Big Fish Northwest.

If you send in a head shot and contact information you may get a call to be one of the 1300 zombies.