City approves major hotel near convention center

SPOKANE, Wash. - 21459960

Plans for a new high rise hotel in downtown Spokane are coming to fruition. 

On Tuesday the Public Facilities District approved plans for a major hotel with 721 rooms across the street from the Convention Center.

"Absolutely great news," Josh Wade, owner of Nectar Tasting Room in downtown Spokane, said.

Wade has been following the hotel developments for the last year.

"From a destination standpoint and an attraction standpoint, being kitty corner from such a large area like that, provides such a huge stream of people coming in that are from out of town," Wade said.

Wade hopes those tourists will walk just about a block west to his business and sip wine at his trendy spot.

"I think it kind of shifts the focus of downtown and provides another space to what's happening in downtown," Wade said.

The Public Facilities District says the hotel would play a critical role in bringing more conventions to town, which would be a big boost to the local economy.

"There's so much possibility for other restaurants, boutique shops and coffee shops. I think any type of progress you see in downtown is great news for the area," Wade said.