Child killed in Hillyard house fire

Child killed in Hillyard house fire

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Police are investigating a fatal house fire that took the life of a toddler.

The fire broke out at at around 11:30 on Friday night, at a home near the 4000 block of East Longfellow Avenue.
"It's awful," says a neighbor who wants to remain anonymous.

A three-year-old boy was found dead, clutching his teddy bear; his loyal dog stayed with him until the end.

The dog also died.

"My condolences to anybody who loses a child. It's terrible, it's awful," the neighbor said.

Two adults and three children were able to make it out of the home safely.

Neighbors rushed to help.

"I saw the flames. Flames were still going," the neighbor said.

He says he heard a loud commotion and people running down the street and that's when he noticed his neighbor's home on fire.

"Flames were coming outside of the window. I ran downstairs and told my wife to call 911! I yelled it out many, many times," he said.

Another neighbor who also wishes to remain anonymous heard loud sounds, too. She says immediately woke up her boyfriend.

"Light was shooting out the bedroom window. I started running down the street with my boyfriend, kicking down doors, screaming for people to help and get their hoses," she said.

With help, she and her boyfriend ran the hose into the window trying to put out the flames before fire crews arrived.

"He got other hoses and put 2 more through the window," she says.

Fire crews arrived within minutes.

"A couple of firemen came out crying. I was crying too," a neighbor said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

"It's a sad situation, it's terrible," says the neighbor.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer, the home had a smoke detector, but that it wasn't functioning.

If you need to get a smoke detector, Schaeffer says to contact the fire department.