Centennial Beer Chase draws a crowd

Centennial Beer Chase draws a crowd

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Forty teams of runners took on the challenge of a 52 mile course dubbed the "Centennial Beer Chase."

It's the fist of its kind to hit Spokane streets. It starts in Coeur d'Alene and has 12 stops at local breweries.

"It's like going back to childhood with adult fun," says runner Denise Hoover of Salem, Oregon. "These races are super fun and we just couldn't miss the chance to come out and have fun with our friends," she adds.

"We just like to get together and drink beer! Celebrating with the other teams and everyone is very supportive out on the course and we like that part," says Liz Lefeber, runner from Bend, Oregon.

Aside from the run, the entry fee might discourage some runners because it's around $500 per team to join, but race organizer Scott Douglass says the money goes towards supporting community school and church groups and also helps fund the race.

"It is a lot of fun to try all the different types of beers and we choose to not support one big group, but instead many small community groups," says Douglass.

The main idea, Douglass says, is to just have fun and hopefully not get sick!

"I try not to vomit! The best part is the finish line!" says Lefeber. 

Douglass said that Cascade Relays raises about $60,000 for community groups each race