Celebrate Oktoberfest in the Lilac City

Celebrate Oktoberfest in the Lilac City

SPOKANE, Wash. - Everybody knows the town of Leavenworth, Wash. throws one heck of a good Oktoberfest party. But, if you'd rather not spend the hundreds of dollars for a hotel room and travel, you can have a pretty good time in the Lilac City.

There is no shortage of traditions at every Oktoberfest celebration. One of the favorite traditions for headliner Manuela Horn at Spokane's Oktoberfest is giving gifts from her throne.

It's just part of a show that is a little unorthodox.

There's no doubt that she's made a name for herself in the Inland Northwest.

"It was like wow, this is cool," said Vision Marketing's Tom Stebbins regarding seeing Manuela on a Seattle morning show. "We watched the morning news and saw Manuela and said we have to have Manuela."

Stebbins wanted to bring that magic here to the east side.

"We're spending a significant amount of money, this isn't just local bands," said Stebbins. "We have Manuela from Seattle, our AlpenBand California is coming out of the California market. We have travel, all of those kind of expenses so, they're really quality and they aren't just musicians, they are entertainers, and they really engage our crowd."

"They create an environment like no other where you can be just alive and open to friends and family and also just be with your community," said DB Watkins, Manuela's bandmate and husband.

Oktoberfest at the River runs all weekend long.

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