Cat's transplant bumped up to November

SPOKANE, Wash. - Cat Davis, the 25-year-old Spokane woman who has received an outpouring of support from the community as she battles a rare, life-threatening illness, has received some wonderful news: Her stem cell transplant has been bumped up.

Cat was originally scheduled to get her stem cell transplant in mid-February, and she was anxious to get that done as her condition is worsening every single day. Every day she doesn't get that transplant, she's closer to losing this battle for her life.

On Thursday she got some incredible news: She's not going to have to wait until February.

"This morning I woke up to a missed call from Chicago and I just knew it," she said. "I called them back and they said they had a couple cancellations and if I could fly there in two weeks and, of course, I said heck yes!"

That means two weeks from now Cat gets on a plane to Chicago and begins the treatment that will save her life. She'll spend three months or so there, with a break to come home for Christmas, and undergo treatment from the foremost experts in her disease, scleroderma.

Cat Davis transplant

Cat believes it was the support and prayers from Spokane that made this happen, but don't think this means all she's been through is worth it. She's still in constant pain, can't dress herself and hasn't been able to eat solid foods. Until her life in saved, scleroderma is killing her.

"As much as there has been so much good in the media, behind closed doors, this has been a very, very rough ride. It hasn't by any means equaled out. I have definitely paid my dues," she said.

Nearly $100,000 has been raised for Cat so far, and that money will cover what insurance doesn't pay for. Anything additional will go to a Cure for Cat Foundation.

Hundreds of people will run this weekend in the Cure for Cat 5k, which is this Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at Northwood Middle School in north Spokane. All the proceeds from race registration will go to cat.