Cat Davis suffers heartbreaking setback

Cat Davis suffers heartbreaking setback

SPOKANE, Wash. - After two good years, Cat Davis, who the community rallied around to help pay for a life-saving stem cell transplant to combat the auto-immune disease scleroderma, has gone into full relapse.

Anyone who's lucky enough to meet Cat Davis knows she has a smile that lights up the room, but behind that happy face is a woman, fighting for her life.

"A smile can hide a lot of things which I think is good and bad but it's been really hard," she said.

In 2013 Cat received a stem cell transplant that gave her two great years. Then, six months ago, her health again took a turn for the worse.

"It's literally like my skin is stone. and so you lose the elasticity in your skin, you can't stretch to bend down to tie your shoes," she said.

Now she needs another stem cell transplant.

"A lot of people ask why didn't the first one work and I would love to know that as well and sometimes people's bodies choose not to work with things and mine really wants to die but my spirit and heart don't," Cat explained.

As if her worsening scleroderma wasn't bad enough, in the last six months cat has been hit with one blow after another. Her dad is suffering from Alzheimers and her family had to make the painful decision to have him moved to a home. One of her best friends died after a long battle with cancer. Cat's medical bills keep piling up and the home she grew up in went into foreclosure, so she and her mom moved into a two bedroom apartment.

"It's something we hate to have to talk about all the time, but it's just what comes with sickness is financial debt and struggling financially, they come hand in hand," Cat said.

It's enough to make the average person feel completely hopeless, but Cat is no average person.

"Scleroderma itself has really showed me what I'm created to do, and that is to speak on scleroderma and bring awareness in every single way that I can," she said.

Cat says she will continue to fight and be a voice and an inspiration for people who suffer and thrive with a terminal illness.

"I really stand firm and think about the fact that I am still here and I absolutely shouldn't be. There is a reason and I have to keep fighting," she said.

You can donate to Cat's GoFundMe here.