Cash rewards being offered for Oxy heist info

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane police are hoping cash rewards will help them fend off a possible increase in OxyContin robberies at area drugstores.

The surprise is the money for the rewards comes from Purdue Pharmaceutical, the company that manufactures OxyContin.

It's been several months since Spokane has seen a rash of drug store robberies, but now, after last week's federal raid on a major OxyContin smuggling ring, police worry where addicts will be getting their next fix.

Oxy rip rewards

"Our concern now is that we've taken out a giant source and the next source could be the pharmacies here in Spokane," Spokane Police Lieutenant Mark Griffiths said.

Police have already reached out to local pharmacies, Griffiths added, warning them about a potential uptick in robberies as an effect of the bust of the OxyContin ring.

A new ally in the fight is a group called RX Patrol, which tracks painkiller hold ups and sees value in offer cash rewards when they happen.

"Our hope is that the robberies don't happen, but if they do happen we hope to have information come in quickly and arrest the people who did the robbery," Griffiths said.

Police say if the OxyContin robberies do materialize, people who offer information on these crimes can collect rewards that could rival the amount of money offered for unsolved homicides.