Car prowlings on the rise near Centennial Trail

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Centennial Trail is a popular spot for people all over the Inland Northwest but if you use the trail, be extra cautious. Car prowlings are on the rise along the trail-head parking lots.

The Sheriff's Department says that in a little over a month, there's been 20 car-breaks along the trail.

"It's happening all the way from the West Plains all the way out to the State Line. At all the trail heads we have had incidents," Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane Sheriff's Department said.

Car prowlings on the rise near Centennial Trail

Chamberlin says trail users should be smart! This means not leaving valuables, like purses, iPads and GPS systems, in plain sight inside your car.

"If you are leaving something out in the open, the criminal element is going to walk by and then are going to victimize your vehicle and take your personal belongings," Chamberlin said.

If you can't leave your valuables at home, Chamberlin says to lock them in your trunk.

"It's sad, no matter where you are you shouldn't have to think about that or be concerned but the reality is that it happens so just using wisdom," trail user Brenda Day said.

Trail users like Brenda Day say the recent break-ins won't break her trail using habits.

"I hope it won't keep other people either, just out of the potential of fear, I wouldn't want that to stop somebody from seeing the great outdoors," she said.

If you ever witness any suspicious activity at these trail-heads, please call 911 or Crime Check at 456-2233.