Car crashes onto woman's property for third time

SPOKANE, Wash. - Car into house vo

Having a car crash into your home is a worst case scenario; having three cars crash into your property is a sign that its time perhaps to make some changes.

Thursday night a car crashed into Alana Scott's home on the northeast corner of Joseph Avenue and Maple Street. It's a stretch of road where drivers speed regularly, and on the curve right in front of Scott's home Thursday night, a driver with a suspended license jumped a media, drove across her yard and crashed into her home.

The most damage done was to hers and her eight-year-old daughter's bedroom.

"It's just devastating," Scott said.

Luckily, neither of them were home at the time of the crash.

Unfortunately this wasn't the first time a car has crashed on Scott's property.

"The first time it was a young driver, I think he might have been 16 and he crashed into the fence that we used to have there that absorbed that collision," Scott said, adding the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

"The other time an elderly lady had sneezed or something had happened it took out another part of the fence," Scott added.

And now this, a car right into the center of her home.

Scott said there were no skid marks. The crash injured the 20-year-old driver and his passenger. There's damage everywhere in her home.

"No one is going to want to live here," she said. "I don't feel like living here anymore so there's a lot of things to you know figure out as far as preventing that from happening again."

What can you do when your house is positioned here, on a curve where Scott sees so many drivers test the speed limit?

"There are definitely a lot of people speeding by," Scott said.

A city official said Friday this corner her house is on is designed just fine and attributes the accidents -- three for Scott and two more before she lived here -- on bad driving.

"There needs to be something to prevent this from happening again," Scott said.

Scott thinks damage could total $60,000 and take three months to fix. That's three months of finding places to live before they're back in their home. For now, they'll be staying in a motel.