Capitol Christmas Tree makes Spokane stop

Tree touring 26 cities across America on journey to Washington, DC

SPOKANE, Wash. - Capitol Christmas Tree vo

People flocked to downtown Spokane Tuesday afternoon for a chance to see the tree that will decorate the U.S. Capitol building this Christmas.

The tree, an 88 foot tall Engleman Spruce, was cut down in Pend Oreille County last Friday and after touring Eastern Washington will begin making its journey across the country.

The tree, loaded on a semi trailer, was driven down Division Street with police escort and parked in front of the INB Performing Arts Center at 3 p.m.

The tree is covered to protect it from the elements as it makes its way to the capitol, except for a small portion at the back. Visitors could peer inside to see it and were encouraged to sign their name on the tarp covering the spruce.

Kit McLaughlin and her family are traveling to Washington, DC for Christmas so she wanted to see the tree at the very beginning of its journey.

"We just think it's an honor that the tree came from our state this year and wanted to see it on its journey to DC," McLaughlin said.

Following its stop in Spokane, the tree will stop in 26 other cities across the country before arriving in Washington, DC in time for Christmas.