"Cannabis prohibition is over"

"Cannabis prohibition is over"

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's official: The first marijuana grower license was issued Wednesday in Olympia and is headed to Spokane.

Sean Green has grown medical marijuana for three years in north Spokane. Now, with the state's first producer license he'll be able to grow recreational marijuana for potential store locations.

Green, smiling with joy, was presented the first license to grow and process marijuana in Washington State.

"Cannabis prohibition is over," Green said.

It was a surprise to be first but part of Green's longtime plan, and the first part of his plan was to get licensed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

"We are living the American dream today. Here, right now," he said.

The former real estate appraiser and current dispensary owner can start growing cannabis immediately. Green will do it in a 21,000 square foot facility. Each marijuana plant must be tracked with a bar coded tag and surveillance cameras will help provide security to the grow operation. Having everything ready was one reason he was chosen first.

Wednesday morning Green celebrated by posing for news photographers; instead of saying "Cheese!" he said "Cannabis!" On a more serious note, Green intends to start creating jobs as his operation expands.

"I'm coming home with jobs Spokane," he said.

Green expects to create at least 50 jobs.

But this license to grow is just the beginning. Green wants to go national if pot is legalized across the United States, specifically he wants 78 pot shops and 57 grow facilities around the country.

Meanwhile the liquor control board will award more licenses this week and many more this month.