Candidates work to get every last vote

SPOKANE, Wash. - In these final campaign hours, candidates and their volunteer teams are working hard to get every last vote they can.

With less than 24 hours left, both parties are putting out all the stops. Inside Spokane's Democratic campaign office on Monday night, phone banking was in full swing.

Volunteer Kaaren Bloom made about 50 calls.

"It's obviously important to vote but if you really believe in a candidate like I do it helps so much more to be involved," she said.

Candidates work to get every last vote

Democratic congressional candidate Rich Cowan didn't leave all the phone banking to his staff. He spent his night calling voters around Spokane.

"We are reminding people to get out and vote. It's so important that everyone gets out and votes," Cowan said.

As for the Republicans, they were also busy in these final hours.

"The party is feeling very good about what our outlook is for tomorrow.  We have a lot of excitement and momentum heading into election day," Matthew Pederson, Chairman of the Spokane Republican Party, said.

Volunteers like Bill Conley were glued to the phones, making as many calls as they can.

"I don't count the number of calls I make. I just get them done as fast as I can," Conley said.

Like many people, Conley is glad the election is almost over.

"I'm kind of relieved that it's the last night and we can finally get down to voting and moving forward," Conley said.

Time is running out but the last hours matter, for these volunteers and their candidates, it could be the final push they need to win. With many close races this election season, every vote counts so make sure to turn in that ballot by 8 p.m. Tuesday.