Businesses struggle with closed sidewalks during construction

Businesses struggle with closed sidewalks during construction

SPOKANE, Wash. - With all the construction downtown, many drivers have been forced to map out new ways to reach their destination, but it's not only drivers. Pedestrians have also felt the pain of road construction.

"Many times I have to change my route," said Lisa Ramsey, who walks downtown everyday.

Ramsey says she often finds herself taking streets she's never had to before. But, she says it's also provided the opportunity to meet kind people.

"The workers are really awesome and they've been doing such a great job," she said.

But, at Kloth on Main Ave., the business is hoping the construction will be over soon. Riverpark Square recently closed the sidewalk next to their business and with all the construction already underway, Kloth says it's hurting for customers.

"We're a locally owned business, so we do rely a lot on foot traffic - just walking down the sidewalk - so, it definitely has made an effect," said Kloth Manager Kelsey Warner.

Warner says she's heard from customers that all the construction has made accessing the store more difficult.

"Some customers do make comments just about it being trickier," she said. "Parking is definitely harder when a lot of the roads are torn up. So, they're having to resort to the parking lot parking, rather than a quick in-and-out on the streets."

At several intersections downtown, like at Riverside and Lincoln, sidewalks don't even exist at the moment, forcing residents to use the street. But, for some, they say the key is to keep a positive attitude.

"We just have to be a little more organized and work together and it's fine," Ramsey said. "I'm getting a little more exercise than I planned on!"

If you want to find out when a construction project will be finished, you can visit spokanecity.org for a list of projects and their expected completion date.