Businesses happy police clearing spas out of their neighborhoods

SPOKANE, Wash. - It was 12 p.m. when police readied themselves at the side entrance at the Oriental Spa, but the battering ram was never raised; someone inside opened the door and that's when the evidence collection for suspicion of prostitution began.

"I'm just really glad our police force is doing something, cleaning up our neighborhood," Tammy Reams of the neighboring Shear Attitude Salon and Spa said.

Across the street at Shear Attitude Salon and Spa, stylists looked on as Kalispel Tribal Police, Airway Heights police and Washington State Patrol watched all corners of the building.

"You know in the four years we've noticed that everybody that comes and goes it's always behind the building. So we are like hmmmm," Reams said.

A little while later Kalispel Tribal Police brought out a woman in handcuffs and took her away. Neighboring business owners and employees say they aren't surprised about what was going on inside the spa.

"See the girls walk by. It's pretty apparent what's going on," Aaron Stonemetz at Golden Rule Brake said.

Oriental Spa raid vo

A while after the raid went down one of those girls showed up to work, wearing something more appropriate for a night club. She found her massage table was leaving not out the front door but out the side door, just like everyone else.

"The biggest thing is how come it hasn't been addressed sooner?" Stonemetz asked.

More tables were taken out as property inside the building was seized and several other girls showed up to work but eventually left; legitimate massage therapists or not their neighbors hope they don't come back.

"The strips all along here have been filling up and we are cleaning up the neighborhood and everything. I'd like to see a really nice business take over. That would be great," Tammy Reams said.

Now neighboring businesses say their main concern now is whether the Oriental Spa will be closed for good or be up and running again in six months.