Business owners skeptical on Obama, Romney pledges to support them

SPOKANE, Wash. - Supporting small businesses is what both President Obama and GOP contender Mitt Romney pledge they'll do as president at Wednesday debate in Denver, but setting up a business on your own is far from easy.

Every cup of handcrafted coffee and satisfied sip is why Michael Garrison opened Coeur Coffee Shop. Business is doing well but getting to the point where he could open his doors to thirsty customers wasn't easy.

"I just saw the corner and figured that needs to be a coffee shop. Next thing I know it's a coffee shop," he said.

Keeping the coffee flowing hasn't been easy. Garrison has struggled with permits among other things.

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"International health codes, international building codes and fire codes," he said, listing off some of the requirements for opening his business.

Small businesses are considered the backbone of America's economy and Dave Ainley, who owns a photography business, knows exactly what he needs to survive.

"It seems like tax rates are astronomical a huge cut in taxes for small businesses," he said.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have vowed to support small businesses but what candidates say has to resonate with the voters.

"I feel like there are a lot of empty promises," Ainsley said.

As for Garrison, he doesn't expect much from either candidate, saying his success is in his own hands.

"Nothing they do will help me. I just need to help myself," he said.